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Beach House Cambodia is in M’Pai Bay beach village (aka 23 Village) on the stunning, remote island of Koh Rong Sanloem. To get here, take a 45mins speed boat from Sihanoukville mainland city.

If you need any help in airport, bus, train pick ups to GTVC ferry, please contact us

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Speedboat from Sihanoukville


We recommend you book online with GTVC speedboats. Ferries are new, fast and reliable service to/from M'Pai Bay.

An open return costs $25 (valid 2 weeks), you confirm your return ferry, from GTVC’s island office 1 day before departure.

Depart Sihanoukville >> M’Pai Bay (23/Village): 9am, 12.00 and 3pm 

3 returns daily back to Sihanoukville, depart: 9.45am, 12.45 and 3.45pm.


The staff will help you ensure you get the right boat, but please be sure when boarding that it is to M'Pai Bay. The will check your ticket and ask as you board and ‘announce’ M’Pai Bay village, when you arrive. Usually it’s 2nd or 3rd to M’Pai Bay. As you walk off the pier turn right, walk 100m along the sand to Beach House Cambodia. Check in with the team and relax... 


TAKE CARE - Over 5 different ferry services claim to go to Koh Rong Sanloem, but not all take you directly to M'Pai Bay. Especially linked bus tickets may take you to Koh Rong Sanloem (but to Saracen Bay, which is then a 30 min boat ride and $20 and hassle!)


From Koh Rong: A morning ‘supply boat’ departs about 6.30am or regular taxi boats runs from Koh Touch (main village on Koh Rong), to M'Pai Bay from $5 per person. We’ll be happy to organise a private taxi boat pick you up for $20 from Koh Touch, or more depending on your resort if prefer to come directly.

From Phnom Pehn / 4x4 taxi pick up / transfers

We have an excellent regular, English speaking driver who takes great care of our guests - Mr Bun.
Phnom Pehn Airport > Sihanoukville pier - allow 3 hours $75.
Phnom Pehn City > Sihanoukville pier - allow 4 hours. $85.

Sihanoukville Airport > Sihanoukville pier - allow 30 mins. $25.

Please let us know 3 days in advance o book pick ups - so we can book up and confirm all back.

We’ve learned about Cambodia travel over our years, so happy to share tips and advice to arrive, or following your stay - please just ask.


There are NO ATMs and credit cards aren’t accepted - so please get your cash on mainland, and try to break it into smaller notes to avoid 'the $100 change challenge!” Choosing Cambodian Riel can be helpful - 400,000R = $100, the ATM will give 8 x 50,000 notes ($12.50 bills).

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